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As Ralph Emerson once said

“Enthusiasm is the Mother of effort, And without it, Nothing great was Ever accomplished”  

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Wespark Community library is a part of the library service of Tshwane Metropolitan Council. The personnel Kusum Patel together with the library assistant Portia Kgothatso Nkhumane, Mandy kealeboga Modisenyane are currently based at the Wespark library, which is situated in West Park, Wespark Laerskool.

The library caters to a multicultural population. The day to day practicalities of catering to multicultural; population are most visible here. Wespark Library offers its service to the lower socio-economic group. The youth in this area convey a sense of a rainbow nation and have shifted paradigms and behaviours in a remarkable manner.

Wespark library has won:

  • Many MEC awards over many years and,
  • In 2007 we won a special award for outstanding support to the Wespark community as well as the community from the surrounding area.
  • In 2008 the Wespark Library was nominated the winner for the collection of blankets towards the winter warm up competition for Radio Jacaranda.
  • An award for community service from 2000-2010 to the elderly from the Orde van die Kruik
  • In 2011 for participating in Metro Community Library competition

Together with the helping hands of the user committee members, we constantly attempt to make knowledge available as a means of upliftment. We try our best to instil hope in a better tomorrow through showing the power of written word and becoming part of the networked global communication system.

From 2005-2007 the Library offered computer literacy classes, which were free to the community.  Many of these community members were employed after this project. As from 2007 we render computer classes at an affordable fee.

Yearly we welcome and train our new media leaders to become lifelong learners in the library. They are given orientation. They given rules and the knowledge to equip them to use and pack books in the library correctly.

Each one is encouraged to be a member of the library and read a book every week. Yearly we also have our new grade 1s whom we welcomed and give orientation to with the assistance from the media leaders .We encouraged to instilled a reading culture to all the grades throughout the year by having one period just for reading where every child has to have a book, (not necessary a book belonging to the library) to read daily.

We also have a reading competition whereby children are awarded after reading certain amount of books “readers are leaders” It was a slow progress but we finally reaching our goal through a routine instilled in the learners. We also welcome the new learners from the nearby kleurterskool.

Throughout the year we have various organised community projects to uplift the dignity and morals of the disadvantage community at large: The theme of these community projects is “strive to achieve”.

Being based at the school premises has many advantages for access as well as exposure to the broad cross section of the community who attend the school. We also have many learners from the surrounding schools coming in for library programmes. We have the Kleuter skool coming in every Thursdays for story hour.

We have mother’s day programme whereby a motivational speaker is called in to uplift mothers from the community. Together with this programme we have the school quire entertaining the members of the community.

We also have a woman’s day programme whereby we call up different teams of people to inform and uplift the community for example the Synexus Clinica Research S.A. Team together with the Wespark hospital team of nurses checking and informing the community about their health status.the exercises performed was osteoporosis, diabetes, hypertension ect. The outcome was that many ladies had osteoporosis and was given free treatment by the clinic.

Annually we have our Oupa and Ouma dag. We have approximately 150 senior citizens whom we entertained, as our community outreach programme to put a smile on all our old people from the nearby old age homes and the community at large.  This programme has much sponsorship.

The teachers from Wespark primary school helped to cook the meal and the staff from the Wespark library prepared the salads sliced up all the fruits making it a balanced meal.

The cakes and ice-cream which was served as dessert was sponsored from Cordis trust group. The user committee helped to prepare all the starter platters.  The venue (Wespark primary school hall) was decorated and prepared by the media leaders and general workers of the school.

Each senior citizen received a gift after the function. This annual function is  a huge success and brings out the effort put together by the Wespark Library and the user committee members of Wespark library and also shows the important helping hand .Wespark Library plays an important role to serve its disadvantaged community.

We had sponsors from:

Sabinet ; Max Wholesalers; Naran Brothers; Pick n Pay; VIP Pay role Geen And Richard; Bhajat fruiters; Cordis Trust; Welkom Slag huis;and the Spar group

All the above programmes are carried out with the help of the user committee members of the library, together with the staff of Wespark School as well as the library staff and the media leaders.

Wespark Library, with the help of the user committee members is presently busy with the upgrading “Louis Trichardt Old Age Home”. This old age home was in an appalling state.

Thus far we had dulux paints sponsoring paint; we had part of the building painted and V.I.P.  Pay role tilling the recreation centre where many of the elderly spent their time. All the passages including bathrooms are being tiled by various other sponsors.

We also had sponsors to upgrade rooms the cleaning up of rooms is done by the media leaders from the Wespark primary school to teach them responsibility to the elders.   The garden was revamped by Safri nursery and few other sponsors. To lift up the depressed elderly people we have one of our committee members to teach them arts and craft, and a instructor from tut to do exercise for their well being .We also have our user committee members visiting the elderly so as to say they have been visited by someone as many don’t have any visitors at all.

Currently  we at Wespark library are in the process of making each senior citizen a member of the library.At Wespark library we will make arrangement to take the books to the old age home and let them  choose books and process the in and outs on the computer .