Grade 5

1194986875418362815creation_day_5_number_ge_02.svg.hi_1We have three Gr.5 classes.

This year we have a strong team of highly innovative and dedicated teachers who strive towards developing and nurturing the knowledge and skills base of al 142 learners. We aim to provide individual supervision for each of our learners in order for us to identify and cater to their unique needs.

Our teachers work tremendously hard in order to equip our learners with the necessary knowledge and skills for them to obtain and sustain high levels of achievement throughout their schooling career.

Parental involvement throughout the year is essential as it is a major contributing factor I your child’s performance and success at school. Your supervision, ┬ámonitoring, and guidance during this year will be greatly appreciated.

Regards and best wishes: The fantastic Five’s.

“Parents, please check learners diaries, their workbooks, and help them with their homeworks, sometimes workbooks need your signatures so please help in that regard.”