Grade 4

Slide4We welcome the new learner who are fresh from foundation phase.

Welcome to the new exciting phase in your education which is the intermediate phase. Our grade 4 team is made up of 4 educators .

This team I dedicate to our learners, importing knowledge, skills and values. Learners parents and teachers are encouraged to work together, for this phase has a lot of new subjects and new expectations from the Department of Education. As much as it has challenges we art also going to have fun for we have executions, Math quiz, Spelling bee and Science projects lived up.

Parents are encouraged to be actively involved in their child’s education for we areĀ using new Information Communications Technology . Looking forward to being with you in this year.


“Parents, please check learners diaries, their workbooks, and help them with their homeworks, sometimes workbooks need your signatures so please help in that regard.”