Grade 1

classroom-clip-art-teacher-at-smartboard-teaching-classWespark primary is blessed with new excited and vibrant Grade 0nes. They are ager to meet their new teachers. All dressed in brand new uniforms. Some very confident and independent, but some still shy shy and reserved.

Quickly they are taught the rules and routines of the school life. They tour he school grounds and make lots of new friends. They are also introduced to homework, grey pencils and books with lines.

So far it is going really well. And we as Grade one teachers are very positive and excited to teach these inquisitive little minds how to read, do sums and write beautiful sentences, just to name a few. Together we plan to work hard. May this be a year to remember.


“Parents, please check learners diaries, their workbooks, and help them with their homeworks, sometimes workbooks need your signatures so please help in that regard.”